3D Motion Controller


A new kind of wearable 3D manipulator based on gestures for design support and 3D objects presentation in CAD and 3D software

8 hours – operating time

80 hours – standby time

20 minutes – charging time

4 configurable touch buttons with tap and hold function

Active Menu – with 8 configurable shortcuts

Supported software :

  • Solidworks
  • Autodesk Inventor
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The 3D Motion Controller is a device for controlling 3D objects in CAD software. The device is designed to increase the efficiency and convenience of designing and presenting 3D objects. With our device you can extend the functionality of your left or right hand during the design process. The controller allows you to control an object in six degrees of freedom and to perform quick keyboard shortcuts by calling them directly from the touch buttons and the gesture menu.

All buttons of the device are configurable and react to holding and single clicks, which gives the possibility to call 8 different functions. Thanks to assigning to the Active menu button from a single button we are able to call additional 8 key shortcuts.

Dodatkowe informacje

Waga 200 g
Wymiary 110 × 70 × 50 mm