3D Motion Controller Description


3D Motion Controller is a device that aims to increase the efficiency and convenience of design and presentation of three-dimensional obcject. With our device you can extend the functionality of your left or right hand during design in CAD/CAM software

3DMC Software

The software provided with the controller allows for the full configuration of all buttons and the addition of custom keyboard shortcuts. Futhermore it will teach you the operation and functionality of the device through tutorials


3D Motion Controller allows you to rotate objects in all 6 degrees of freedom

Translating gives you a possibility of moving object in XY axis


Continuous rotation with given direction and speed

In addition, it is possible to invoke any added keyboard shortcut and the ability to change the sensitivity of individual functions

Active Menu

The active menu allows you to add any keyboard shortcuts in the application, change the icon assigned to the shortcut and call them from the gesture menu while using the CAD / CAM software