3D Motion Controller shipping soon !

Posted by mleluch on 18 marca 2020 in Bez kategorii

Soon we will start shipping the first 3D Motion Controller devices!
A new kind of wearable 3D manipulator based on gestures for design support and 3D objects presentation in CAD and 3D applications is being tested after modifications and will be on sale soon!

After weeks of testing, the 3D Motion Controller come back in a new, even better version:
➡ new device ergonomics,
➡ convex, palpable selection of touch buttons,
➡ shorter battery charging time (20 minutes),
➡ extension of the controller working and resting time,
➡ clearer battery level indicator,
➡ improved tutorial and function presentation,
➡ Autodesk Inventor, PDF3D and Sketchup support.

Do not wait, subscribe today and find out when it will be available!
Follow us on 3D Motion Controls
➡ www.linkedin.com/company/3d-motion-controls-sp-z-o-o
Watch how it works: ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0Nqbcp9QIk

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