3D Motion Controls exist from 2/6/2018

Posted by mleluch on 6 lutego 2018 in News

The company 3D Motion Controls was created to design and implement solutions that improve communication of the human-machine interface. It deals with the development of inertial navigation technology based on AHRS modules and its application in specific industries. The first product developed by the company is a controller that improves efficiency and convenience of work in CAD / CAM environments and environments for the design of three-dimensional objects, so the users of the device are constructors, product designers, architects. In the further stage of the company’s development, it is planned to implement the developed technology to control the location of physical objects, including robotic arms, cameras placed on gimballs The founders of the company are two graduates of the Faculty of Mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Technology Accelerator Gliwice

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